As we enter 2016, many online business owners are taking stock of what the dynamic force that began to transform their businesses at the start of the new millennium has in store for them next.

Only then can they make the necessary changes to their online businesses so that they can stay ahead of the curve, and make 2016 their most profitable year yet. Here are 5 e-commerce trends that could impact online businesses in 2016:

  1. Mobile is the name of the game. The writing, as they say, is on the wall: With every passing quarter, shoppers are making more mobile purchases. Making your ecommerce site “mobile friendly” is no longer recommended; it’s required to remain competitive.
  2. Multi-channel shopping is the “middle” name of the game. Selling products on one site once was considered the “purest” way to develop an e-commerce presence. But the reality is, shoppers continue to turn to multi-vendor websites to compare and contrast products. Listing your products on sites like Amazon and Etsy obviously will take time, but it’s a time investment that should pay dividends in terms of raising your online profile and enhancing your bottom line.
  3. Online shoppers clamor for online loyalty programs. Once the domain of brick-and-mortar stores, loyalty programs enjoy nearly universal appeal. E-commerce sites that want to gain a competitive advantage are developing programs that reward shoppers for return visits and especially multiple purchases.
  4. The pop-up “grows up.” Back in their “adolescent” days, pop-ups were derided as loud, pesky and intrusive. But many e-commerce sites have found a way to successfully, and quietly, use this tool to gather the information they need: create a pop-up that seeks an email address in exchange for a free product or service. After one appearance, the pop-up rarely, if ever, returns.
  5. Real-time analytics prove their worth. Whether pictures take too long to load or customers continually experience problems at check-out, nothing compares to being alerted to ecommerce problems immediately so that they can be remedied. Real-time tracking could be the true “game changer” for online businesses, separating those who profess to embrace a superior customer service experience from those who actually deliver it.

With so many e-commerce trends on the horizon for 2016, you’re bound to have questions about how to best position your online business so you can fully capitalize on these trends. Let the experts at Crimson Agility assist you. We invite you to schedule a complimentary assessment with one of our Certified Magento Professionals.

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