Now that your business has survived the busy holiday shopping season, you must look to the new year and be prepared if you want to make sure that you are ready to meet the increased demand of mobile shoppers. Some experts believe that traffic from mobile devices will exceed 50% of total e-commerce traffic in 2016, so it’s critical that you continue to make the shopping process easier for mobile users. Here are five ways to embrace your mobile device-using customers and ensure your site is ready for 2016:

  1. Make sure that your Magento site works well on all mobile devices. Whether you opt for a responsive theme or design a separate, mobile-friendly version of your site, it needs to be easy for users to navigate, view items and complete the ordering and payment process on a small touch-screen. Try using your site on a variety of popular mobile devices, including various tablets as well as phones. Steer clear of animations that may not be compatible on some mobile operating systems.
  2. Start using caching and content delivery networks to boost site speed. A slow site will instantly cause you to lose customers, especially on mobile devices that are working off cell network signals.
  3. Optimize your site to make it light for mobile. You need to do what you can to minimize the amount of data that customers will need to use to shop on your site. Resize and optimize images for mobile, stop using URL redirects, and take advantage of the features of HTML 5 where you can. If you can replace an animation or image with HTML, it will immediately lighten your pages.
  4. Keep in mind that it is easier for mobile users to scroll down a long page or swipe through a gallery of images than it is for them to use buttons. When designing product galleries or information layouts, aim to use swiping functionalities wherever possible.
  5. Don’t forget that social media is hugely important, especially for mobile users. Make it easy for users to instantly share pages of your site to their social networks by adding large, easy-to-tap share buttons on product pages.

For people looking to do more and more of their online shopping from their phones and mobile devices, a website that caters to their needs makes the buying process much easier. Taking the steps now to make your Magento site as mobile-friendly as possible is sure to give your business an edge in 2016.

If you are looking to make your Magento site mobile-friendly and responsive, we will ensure that your new mobile-friendly responsive design (RWD) aligns with your brand and vision to maximize your online presence. We invite you to schedule a complimentary assessment today with one of our certified Magento professionals.

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