Online security is one of the most important features of any e-commerce site.  Users want to be able to trust your web site, regardless of how it looks or performs, before using it.

With modern hacker techniques, even the most harmless user information can be leveraged into an attack on your customers, so it is critical that your e-commerce site be secure and reliable. Here are four ways to help improve the online security of your e-commerce site:

  1. Use a secure connection for checkoutSSL certificates are fundamental to your customers’ online security. They encrypt the information during the checkout process to make certain that even if the data is intercepted it is useless to anyone other than the intended destination.  Additionally, more and more customers are looking for the https, where the “s” stands for “secure”, when shopping online. Update your site to use SSL (https) on the entire site – not just during checkout. Make sure your site reassures your customers and protects their personal information.
  2. Only store the customer information you need: Hackers are very sophisticated when it comes to victimizing users. The best way to protect your customers is store only the information you need.  Avoid storing information that might be useful later, or that was used but is no longer necessary. Also, make certain you have verification procedures in place. If your customers have membership accounts, insist on strong passwords, and train your employees on the proper ways to handle this data.
  3. Conform to the PCI DSS – The PCI (Payment Card Industry) Security Standards Council is a global body led by the five main credit card companies.  The Council exists to help businesses meet the stringent requirements they require when using credit card information.  They publish the PCI DSS which is a security self assessment tool, and is designed to help companies be as secure as possible.  Whether or not your business uses credit card information directly, being able to successfully conform to the PCI DSS means your site is as secure as some of the best on the web.
  4. Remain Up-to-date with Security UpdatesAvoid becoming comfortable with your security.  Your security personnel should always be updating their knowledge.  Security should be performing tests on a regular bases, including attempting to compromise the site’s security. Work with certified Magento professionals, like Crimson Agility, to ensure your site remains secure and up-to-date with all the latest security updates. Request a security audit of your site to ensure you are following all Magento security “best practices”.

Online security is an ongoing journey with no end point.  As long as there is data to be stolen, hackers will try to steal it. If you’re looking to update the security of your e-commerce site and make it secure and reliable for your customers, we invite you to schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our Certified Magento Professionals.

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