When your customers shop on your Magento site, they are actually accessing a website hosted on a physical server at a single geographic location. The majority of your customers are likely accessing these sites from entirely different geographic locations. Speaking in terms of performance, this presents a challenge to delivering a consistently excellent experience to all your customers regardless of where they are located. This is due to latency; the customers located closer to the server will have better performance than those further away.

The farther your customers are from your servers, the longer they must wait for your site to be usable. In today’s world of mobile customers, fierce competition, and Google’s “three-second rule”, you need a way to deliver your content and products quickly regardless of location.

To combat these delays, you can implement a Content Delivery Network (CDN) for your Magento site. A CDN is a service that you subscribe to and then configure your Magento site to leverage. The use of a CDN serves your site’s static content and files to your customers from the closest of many geographically dispersed “Edge” servers. A good CDN has a network of “Edge” servers geographically dispersed across the globe.

Setting up a CDN is a fairly simple process that can offer several benefits for your Magento site. The content files on a Magento site that benefit from a CDN are product images, static pages, style-sheets and JavaScript files. These files represent some of the elements on your site that take the longest to download.  The CDN ensures that your customers that are furthest from your servers have the same great experience that those nearest are experiencing. If you are wondering whether a CDN is right for your Magento site, the important factors to consider are the number of images on the site, the speed of your site, the amount of theme files and the frontend JavaScript being loaded. If you are looking for a CDN provider for your Magento site, we recommend one of our strategic partners, MaxCDN, as they have the support, network, and features to help both individuals and growing businesses.

The health and performance of your Magento site are critical to growing your online presence and business. We invite you to learn more about the Magento Health & Performance Assessment with one of our Magento certified professionals.

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