Mobile internet is a rapidly growing internet trend, and websites need to become mobile responsive to meet the demands of current customers and to attract new customers. Here are five reasons why your website needs to be mobile responsive:

1. Mobile Internet is Growing at High Speed

Smart Insights compiled the following statistics which demonstrate the remarkable growth of mobile internet use:

  • In 2015, the average adult spent 5.6 hours on digital media. Over half of that time spent on digital media was spent on a mobile device as opposed to a laptop, desktop, or tablet.
  • 80% of internet users own a smartphone
  • 57% of users accessing mobile sites “multiscreen,” using both a PC and a mobile device to access a site at the same time.

2. Social Media is Very Popular on Mobile

Facebook and Twitter are among the most popular mobile apps. ComScore reports that 55% of social media use happens on a mobile device, which means that social media marketing is reaching mobile users. But if your social media content links to sites that are not mobile responsive, then you will likely lose potential audience members.

3. A Positive Mobile Experience is Vital

If your site isn’t loading or working properly, visitors are likely to go elsewhere. If your site does load on a mobile device without mobile responsiveness, it might not look very good or function well for the user. A mobile responsive site will load properly and look great on a mobile device.

4. Mobile Responsiveness Increases Your Site’s SEO

Google enhances SEO for mobile responsive sites, which means that your website is more likely to show up in searches on mobile. A mobile responsive site keeps the same URL and HTML, and is Google’s recommended design layout.

5. Analytics are Simpler with Mobile Responsive Designs

You can easily track a mobile responsive site’s performance with analytics tools. If your site is not mobile responsive, you may not be able to track the mobile activity and traffic that is coming to your site.

Providing a positive mobile experience is vital for a business to meet its customer’s needs. A mobile responsive site is a great way to provide a great mobile experience that will benefit both your business and your customers.

If you are looking to make your Magento site mobile-friendly and responsive, we will ensure that your new mobile-friendly responsive design (RWD) aligns with your brand and vision to maximize your online presence. We invite you to schedule a complimentary assessment today with one of our certified Magento professionals.


For all of the things that are great about the internet, there’s still one thing that makes many people hesitant to use it for sensitive transactions. Not having the ability to directly monitor where their information goes and who sees it along the way can leave people hesitant to provide financial information and other sensitive data. This can be a major hurdle that many small online retailers have to face when they are just starting out.

Demonstrating trust and security doesn’t only apply to small online retailers, but it also impacts large retailers like Target, whose information got hacked and resulted in compromised credit card information for over 40 million consumers. Here are some common questions consumers have for online retailers when it comes to the security of their sites:

  • Are there common consumer online fraud scenarios to be aware of?
  • Is your site secure for credit card transactions?
  • Will my data get hacked and will my personal information be in the hands of criminals?
  • What does your company do to protect my information?
  • What can I do if I suspect fraud or if I’m a victim of fraud?

Crimson Agility understands these concerns and has recently partnered with Norton Shopping Guarantee to provide customers with both the mental and financial peace of mind that Norton Shopping Guarantee can provide.

Norton Shopping Guarantee is an industry-leading software for antivirus, malware prevention, threat identification and transaction security. After years of experience in online threats and data breach prevention, Norton Shopping Guarantee is confident enough in its ability to protect customers from such threats that it’s prepared to stand by its promise with financial reimbursement. When you sign up with Crimson Agility as a Magento service client, your customers automatically receive the protection that comes with Norton Shopping Guarantee. This includes:

  • Identity theft protection up to $10,000: If you suffer a data breach that leads to identity theft and all that can entail, the guarantee will cover up to $10,000 in costs related to fixing the problem. This includes things like attorney fees and credit disputes.
  • $1,000 Purchase guarantee: This covers the resolution of purchases that don’t meet the buyer’s expectations. Norton will work with both parties to resolve the conflict and will provide reimbursement of up to $1,000 if the conflict isn’t resolved and Norton rules in the customer’s favor.
  • Lowest price guarantee: The online shopping world moves fast, and finding the lowest price is important to shoppers. If an item is offered by another merchant at a lower price within 30 days, Norton will cover the price difference up to $100.

Show Your Customers That You’re Serious About Security

To be successful in online retail, it’s essential that your customers have faith in your ability to protect them and offer them the best and safest shopping experience possible. With Norton Shopping Guarantee, you can reassure your customers that you’re doing everything possible to protect them as well as offering them insurance in the event that something does happen. With a Crimson Agility and Norton Shopping Guarantee partnership, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that you’re offering your customers the protection they expect and deserve.

If you’re looking to update the security of your e-commerce site and make it secure and reliable for your customers, we invite you to schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our Certified Magento Professionals.


Online businesses continue to go through transformations in their quest to provide exceptional shopping experiences to customers across all channels and devices. Businesses that are looking to provide an exceptional customer experience turn to the Magento platform, an e-commerce platform that can help drive more customer traffic and repeat purchases to your site. Magento is the #1 e-commerce platform when it comes to reliability, flexibility, and growth and it can help accelerate your online business in the following 3 ways:

  • Engaging Shopping Experience: The Magento platform can help boost your customer traffic and purchases by offering:
    • Personalized content – Website content based on your customers’ profiles, online behavior and purchase history.
    • Responsive, mobile-friendly design – Deliver the same shopping experience across all channels and devices anytime, anywhere.
    • Search & Navigation – Drive fast and easy product discovery through precise, relevant search and product filtering with layered navigation.
    • Better merchandising – Improve product merchandising with multiple images, videos, recommendations, ratings and reviews.
  • Customer Loyalty: The Magento platform can help you improve shopper engagement, incentivize repeat purchases, and reward your high-value customers by offering:
    • Rewards points – Customer rewards for activities such as registrations, product reviews, and new customer referrals.
    • Gift registries and “wish lists” – Bring new shoppers to your site to purchase from gift registries and wish lists to help increase sales.
    • Gift cards – Convenient gift option can help increase sales and encourage repeat purchases.
    • Exclusive events – Recognize your high-value customers with private sales and other exclusive shopping experiences.
  • Fast Deployment: The Magento platform seamlessly integrates with third-party solutions, can be deployed in any environment, and is backed by a vast network of experts, like Crimson Agility, that are ready to help you. Magento can quickly and cost-effectively build a site that is unique to your business by offering:
    • Customizable platform – Customize your site quickly and easily with a platform that offers flexible, configurable features with a wide range of extensions.
    • Complete design control – With Magento custom themes, you can completely control your site design and easily create variations for new brands, markets, and campaigns.
    • Flexible deployment – Choose any deployment option to match your business needs, including cloud, managed hosting, and on-premise.

Once you are ready to make the switch to the Magento platform, the key is finding a knowledgeable, reliable partner that can help you with your Magento migration. Crimson Agility is a certified Magento silver partner with an in-depth knowledge of the Magento platform, along with a broad set of design, development, integration and marketing skills, and years of industry experience and successful implementations.

If you are looking to re-platform your website to Magento, we invite you to schedule a complimentary assessment with one of our Crimson Agility professionals today!