The holiday season is fast approaching, but is your website ready to handle the shopping frenzy? It is essential that you optimize your homepage, product pages, and the overall Magento site structure to enable you to drive more traffic to your site, and convert those visitors into buyers. To help you better prepare, here are 5 ways you can optimize your Magento site for the upcoming holiday online shopping season.

1. First Impressions Do Matter

It’s no secret: first impressions do count. If you are intending to convert more visitors into customers, you must ensure that a quick glance at your homepage is appealing enough to entice the visitors to stay and browse your store. Consider adding a holiday appeal to your homepage. Some simple ideas are listed below:

  • Add some high quality holiday-related images.
  • Highlight your “bestselling” products and consider promoting your “best selling” products from last holiday season.
  • Offer promotions like free shipping and discounts that encourage early shopping.

2. Generate Sufficient Leads

A simple investment in things like social media ads and display advertising, as well as free/paid search campaigns is essential to generating new leads on your site. You can then work on converting these leads into new, and hopefully, repeat customers.

3. Speed Up Your Site

A slow website can be a real deal breaker.  A typical visitor to your site will get impatient if your pages take too long to display. Some tips to speed up your Magento site include:

  • Ensuring that your server is adequate for the holiday rush.
  • Consider using a CDN like MaxCDN to ensure your pages load quickly regardless of where your customers are in the country.
  • Optimize your images for quick page loading.

4. Reach Your Current and Past Customers

Your current customers and past customers can be a goldmine.

  • Identify your customers during last holiday season and target them with an e-mail or social campaign that offers them a gift or discount for their loyalty.
  • Setup an abandoned cart e-mail to entice visitors to come back and complete their purchase.  Consider a promotion to entice them to come back.
  • Offer Gift Options at checkout like a gift message, wrapping paper, and gift receipts.

5. Prioritize Your Best Sellers

It is much easier to convert and increase sales on a product that is already a favorite to your customers (particularly products that sold well last holiday season). As such, you should determine your best selling products, and focus more on them by writing rich promotional content and adding links, as well as customer reviews.

If you haven’t upgraded to Magento 1.14 or 1.9 yet, consider doing that now.  It can be completed within a few days in most cases and the performance improvements and the new Visual Merchandiser can help organize your product selection for the holiday season easy.

If you’re interested in learning about more ways to optimize your Magento site for the upcoming holiday season, we invite you to schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our Certified Magento Professionals.

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