As a business owner, your brand is your identity. Twizel Goods, provider of sustainable clothing, approached Crimson Agility with a very specific mission. The owners wanted their e-commerce site to not only function perfectly, but to also beautifully represent the brand and vision they had worked so hard to hone.

For Twizel, clothing should be crafted with “care, quality, and humanity.” The focus is not on cheap and easy goods, but instead on ensuring the way the goods are created and distributed supports a healthy and vibrant planet. Understandably, a company with this global mission needs a site that will represent its identity completely.

When we began to build Twizel’s e-commerce site, we knew a Magento 2 platform could align with the vision Twizel had in mind. We followed these three principles to create a site that aligns with Magento best practices, responsive web design (RWD), and Twizel’s vision.


Like most companies, Twizel had a specific brand image in mind. The Magento 2 platform allowed Crimson Agility to reflect that brand in Twizel’s e-commerce site. In order to do this effectively, our e-commerce engineers worked directly with the design firm that Twizel contracted to create its brand. This collaboration allowed us to get a clear vision for the style and layout of the site while providing the opportunity for us to influence the design in a way that allowed Magento 2 features to shine through.

Based on the feedback and input we received, our team was able to create a Magento 2 custom theme that aligned with the vision Twizel had in mind. In addition, our team was able to positively contribute to the theme design by sharing and implementing ideas that demonstrated how the Magento 2 features and functionality meshed with their vision. This partnership of Twizel’s team and Crimson Agility’s Magento professionals resulted in a site that perfectly suited the Twizel brand identity.


As a company with a visual product, the visual aesthetic of the e-commerce site is very important. Ensuring the Twizel vision translated to smartphones and tablets was especially important with the growing trend in online retailing towards mobile. Our team created and tested the Twizel Magento 2 site to work seamlessly across a range of devices. We wanted the site to operate perfectly and look great on laptops, tablet, and smartphone screens. Responsive Web Design (RWD) was a critical success factor and at the forefront of theme design at all times. We thoroughly tested the site across a range of monitor sizes to ensure the site functioned as exquisitely on a smartphone screen as it did on a large desktop screen. This included validating style, layout and functionality across a variety of web browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, iOS and Android. Nowadays, this is critical for any e-commerce site, considering mobile devices makes up 65% of all digital media usage. Your user is mobile and so your site needs to be too!


It was important to Twizel that their site be an extension of their vision, ideas, and philosophy as it relates to sustainable clothing and how we live – this was done in large part through beautifully captured high-resolution photographs that tell the “story.” We worked with Twizel to make certain that the images on each page told the story of their company, products, and partners. We were careful to balance the impact of large high-resolution images with high-performance.

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