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Have you ever attended IRCE ?  IRCE stands for Internet Retailers Conference and Exhibition. It is an annual conference that takes place in Chicago.

IRCE is the largest most comprehensive conference aimed at shop owners, e-commerce professionals and solution providers that you will ever find!

It is HUUUUGE!  The Exhibit hall is so big that you can’t see it all in one day. The conference lasts 3 days and in addition to the exhibition you can also attend classes geared at teaching you best practices for making your e-commerce shop better!  We attended some of the courses and have compiled our notes into three lists that we will be sharing in this “What We Learned” series of blogs.


First and foremost, in this “Social Era” it is imperative that you get connected using social media. Whether it be Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, or any of the plethora of social connections out there, creating raport, trust, and social media presence are key to your online survival.

Here are some best practices we think you will definitely benefit from:

  1. You can’t beat them, so join them: Even if you have social media accounts that you don’t use, the conversations are happening. Join the conversation and become active in social media to build your brand and get your products noticed
  2. Understand your customers and where they spend their time: Who is your target audience? What social media channels are they using and how? What value can you offer them?
  3. Create value: Use social media for communicating product launches, beta testing, local promotions, coupons, breaking news, or address certain groups (VIP clients, by gender or age group for example)
  4. Use social media to increase touch points/access you have to your customers: not everyone starts out being a brand advocate, so make sure to offer ways for people to be a part of your brand’s community. User generated content that has been curated and published on your site or social media account can be very powerful to gain brand followers
  5. BE social, don’t just “do” social: be sure that you are passionately engaged with your customers and not just throwing marketing chum. Human involvement is what turns customers into loyal brand advocates
  6. Don’t oversell: try to have a 5:1 ratio of helpful articles to sales pitches
  7. Monitor what is being said about your brand: How are you perceived by your customers? Monitor and subscribe to alerts when your brand is mentioned. Turn negative sentiments positive with good customer service
  8. Engage with active fans and followers: make sure you include them in discussions, let them know that you are listening to them. This will build stronger emotional ties and can further your efforts with them as your brand ambassadors.
  9. Leverage user generated content: host a contest to pull user generated content that features your brand/products. Use their content on your site and marketing materials. This builds trust among other potential customers looking at your brand. You never know where that one re-tweet or insta post will lead…
  10. Think of Social media posts as an extension of your marketing: Ensure that you optimize your tweet times, your Instagram photos, Snapchat posts and Facebook updates – treat them as you would any other marketing campaign

We hope that you found these tips useful. If you have more tips of your own or would like to comment on any of ours, feel free to comment below. Stay tuned for next Thursday when our blog series continues with Marketing Best Practices we learned at IRCE.

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Crimson Agility Team

PS: Here are some pictures of the Exhibit floor at IRCE 2017. See the Magento booth? It was TWO stories high!


These were taken from the second floor cafeteria…and it is not even HALF of the floor, just so you get an idea of the massiveness of the area.


Are you curious about IRCE? Next year’s conference is on June 5-8, 2018 – Maybe we will see you there!


Welcome to IRCE
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