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6 Ways to Have an Effortless Summer BBQ

6 Ways to Have an Effortless Summer BBQ

Here comes summer and it couldn’t be any warmer here in the Valley of the Sun. With summer temperatures sure to soar into the hundreds, we recommend you set aside a few weekends for relaxing by the pool. Hosting a fun family BBQ is a great way to endure the summer sun.

1.  Protect yourself from the flames of summer with a sturdy apron. Staying safe from the heat of the grill is just as important as staying safe from the sun.

Apron – Mason Brown by The Spice & Tea Exchange $45.99

2. Shake down for some well grilled meat with these great flavors. Bring that restaurant quality steak to your home kitchen.

Griller’s Shaker Gift Set by The Spice & Tea Exchange $38.99

3. Pick up the slack with this great array of utensils. You’ll need more than just your average kitchen tongs to do battle with the fiery flames on the grill.

BBQ Tool Set – 3 PC by The Spice & Tea Exchange $29.99

4. Stay prepped and ready for anything. A mess, a spill or a bit of dirt can be gone in a flash if you have a towel on hand.

Tea Towel – Renew Denim by The Spice & Tea Exchange $9.99

5. Add some spice to the sea with a set of spice shakers. You’ll seem like a well seasoned chef right of the high seas.

Fisherman’s Shaker Gift Set by The Spice & Tea Exchange $38.99

6. After you have finished showing off your masterful cooking and grilling skills, sit back and relax with a nice cup of your favorite homemade iced tea. Fresh and delicious can be just a few minutes away.

Infuser- Tea Nest by The Spice & Tea Exchange $15.99

All these products are available from The Spice & Tea Exchange. They offer more than 140 spices, over 80 exclusive hand-mixed blends, 20+ naturally-flavored sugars, an array of salts from around the world, and more than 40 exotic teas. The Spice & Tea Exchange uses the eCommerce platform Magento to process its online store.

Magneto is an eCommerce platform recently bought by Adobe that is helping businesses like theirs manage their orders and buying process. Magento takes all your website’s needs and puts them into the same experience. No matter what you decide to do this summer, keep us in mind. Here at Crimson Agility we can help you keep your Magento site in tip top shape. Whether you need an upgrade or just a bit of help we’ve got you covered, so call us and relax poolside this summer.

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