Magento | Google ReCAPTCHA V3

Verifying Customers’ Identities

The goal of great digital commerce is to make the customer journey as simple and easy as possible from the time the customer enters your site to the moment a customer purchases your products.

Rather than having multiple points of verification, Adobe Commerce merchants are encouraged to implement configurations that allow a single validation for the whole shopping session. This creates a better customer experience where the focus is on purchasing your products.

Our recommendation is to enable Google ReCAPTCHA, this is a free tool available to all Adobe Commerce merchants. Due to the ease of use and advanced security, our recommendation is to enable Google ReCAPTCHA in your checkout process. This is the best way to impede “carding” attacks and other brute force attacks during checkout.

We’ve all tried to log into a website only to be challenged to click all the boxes containing traffic lights or storefronts or bridges in a frantic attempt to persuade the computer that we’re not a bot. Last fall, Google launched version 3 of the tool, an “invisible” version of ReCAPTCHA, with the goal of eliminating the annoying customer experience. Google ReCAPTCHA V3, is invisible to your customers, they won’t see the “I’m not a robot” checkbox, nor will they have to prove they can identify a traffic light. Behind the scenes, ReCAPTCHA is still conducting a risk assessment of that customer based on their activity and behavior on your site and as a result, preventing “carding” attacks and malicious actors access.

Google ReCAPTCHA V3 | Magento

If you are not using Google ReCAPTCHA V3, it is possible that you are seeing a higher rate of cart abandonment than you would with “invisible” ReCAPTCHA V3. Google ReCAPTCHA V3 is available in Adobe Commerce 2.4 (also known as Magento).

Recommended forms where you can enable Google ReCAPTCHA include:

• Admin Login
• User Login
• Create Account
• Newsletter Sign up
• Forgot/Reset Password
• Checkout

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