Impact of Coronavirus on E-Commerce

Who would have figured, at the start of 2020, that people all over the globe would be sequestered to their homes? This is a time that affects things that we once thought were simple and easy are taken away from us. Even access to everyday necessities, such as toilet paper and bottled water, were stripped from the shelves in the blink of an eye. This did not only disturb our day to day lives but the economy as a whole. “Due to recent events, e-commerce has become almost a necessity. People are quarantined at home and spending more time shopping online. To maintain a competitive advantage this year and beyond, you may need to create and grow your digital presence.”

How has this affected the world of B2B and B2C e-commerce?

The World of E-Commerce Post Coronavirus

This year, e-commerce is expected to be a vital part of the economy at approximately 12% of all retail sales. Although this is good to hear from a business standpoint, this demand can be difficult for supply chains to keep up. For example, countries, like China, which were affected by COVID-19 earlier than most states, may need time to ramp up production, causing delays and shortages. This may be an opportunity to diversify traditional supply chain flows. 

According to Digital Commerce 360, “The coronavirus resulted in a surge in web sales for such merchandise categories as groceries, while at the same time bringing online orders to a trickle in segments that depend on discretionary consumer spendings, such as for luxury goods and jewelry.” With pandemic fever making millions run into the store and gobble up all the toilet paper in a twenty-mile vicinity. The shift moved away from typical markets both out of necessity and safety. Resulting in, once-solid markets, such as the cruise and airline industry, near collapse. 

How E-Commerce is Going to be the Solution

It has never been more vital to the world of e-commerce to provide a hands-free approach. With customer fears of entering public places such as stores, an omnichannel option has been even more appealing to customers. The industry has, temporarily, transformed because of the demand of people shifting from sales at traditional brick-and-mortar to online shopping. Does this shift have staying power and permanence – we’ll see.

COVID-19 has resulted in significant strain on some industries, but they are “Bending not Breaking.” This resulted in smart businesses to get innovative. Only around, “7.7% of the 208 store-based retailers in the Top 1000 had that capability as of the end of 2019.” Still, many stores such as Best Buy and Micheals have added curbside pick-up (6 ways the coronavirus pandemic will impact eCommerce). Curbside pick-up has been paired with the convenience of mobile apps. According to Walmart, its app that allows for mobile ordering and curbside pick-ups has had a download growth of 460% by the end of March 2020. 

How Crimson Agility can Help

Crimson Agility provides a range of services for your e-commerce needs. We know these times can be tough on your business, but let us help you try to get ahead in this post Coronavirus world. Magento allows for a wide range of potential, company enhancing, opportunities to upgrade your site or break into the e-commerce market. Please contact us to find out more details about how we can help at Crimson Agility Contact Us

Adobe Sensei blog post image

Adobe Sensei | Power of Product Recommendations

In the new Magento 2.3.5 upgrade, there will be the introduction of Adobe Sensei, a product recommendation program, exclusive to Magento merchants. This unique program is an embedded admin experience that can be a useful marketing tool to increase conversions, boost revenue, and stimulate shopper engagement. The automated AI uses machine learning-driven recommendations giving suggestions to merchants about “Customers who viewed this product also viewed,” “Customers who bought this product also bought,” and “Recommended for you.” The new update will be available for free to all merchants that use Magento directly from the Magento Marketplace. 

This data, when provided to customers while experiencing their website, can be highly engaging, relevant, and specialized to their experience. Product recommendations require two sets of vital data, behavioral and catalog. Adobe Sensei aggregates the behavioral and record data, creating Product Recommendations for each recommendation type. The Product Recommendations service then deploys those recommendations to your storefront. This update and new AI will set the digital standard with a vast set of features on Adobe Sensei. 

  • Boost and scale experiences with real-time intelligence.
  • Anticipate customer behavior based on attributes, differences, and conversion factors.
  • Efficiently deliver one-to-one customer experiences at scale.
  • Organize and manage assets for better ROI.
  • Engage audiences with custom offers, subject lines, and delivery timing.
  • Make necessary edits quickly and accurately.
  • Finding the right content when needed with an intuitive search.
  • Photorealistic effects.
  • Predict and forecast the impact of different budget scenarios.
  • Automatically adjust your budget across targeting criteria.
  • Continuously monitor campaign performance to optimize ad delivery.
  • Create high-quality documents with content intelligence.
  • Recognize form fields to speed document creation.
  • Quickly convert document images into PDF files.

For new and existing Magento clients, Crimson Agility can help you implement and maintain this ground-breaking software with our Magento support. If you are looking for e-commerce managed services provider or a trustworthy company that will help you migrate from Magento 1 to 2, then schedule or call us today! 

Magento 2.3.5 – Introducing Adobe Sensei

This upcoming patch update will include several incredible features to improve the Magento 2 platform. 

 Adobe Sensei, a product recommendation AI will implement into this next update. The storefront experience will have some new enhancements. This unique program is an embedded admin experience that can be a useful marketing tool to increase conversions, boost revenue, and stimulate shopper engagement. The automated AI uses machine learning-driven recommendations giving suggestions to merchants about “Customers who viewed this product also viewed,” “Customers who bought this product also bought,” and “Recommended for you.” The new update will be available for free to all merchants that use Magento directly from the Magento Marketplace. Adobe Sensei will allow merchants to learn more about their customer’s buying habits and to help them along the buying experience to find out what item they might want soon. This AI implementation is pivotal to keeping your website standards higher than the average competitor and help you connect even more with your customers. 

Features: The new Page Builder features will help you create an engaging website, take control of your brand, as well as save time and resources. These features will provide customizable page layouts and intuitive drag-and-drop content management. 

Security: There will be 25+ security fixes and improvements as well as Content Security Platform implementation. CSP is an added layer of protection that helps detect and mitigate certain types of attacks, like Cross-Site Scripting and data injection attacks. Merchants can now install time-sensitive security fixes without applying the hundreds of functional fixes and enhancements that a full quarterly release. Keeping your site security updated and upgraded will make your customers feel secure and incentivize them to spend money on your storefront. We also have links to another blog post related to the importance of magneto security.  

Performance: GraphQL will be added, providing staging data for categories and products. B2B admins can order directly from the admin panel. Additional improvements have been made with Redis, inventory management, platform technology stack, and VBE’s. 

Platform Quality: Core payment integrations deprecation is encouraging merchants to get these payment integrations through extensions on the marketplace. Another notable change is that over 180 product quality enhancements across the platform. 

Magento 2.3.5 is available today for existing clients and new clients. If you want to find out more about the update, please reach out to us at Crimson Agility. 


Stay Home & Shop Online during COVID-19 Crisis

Coronavirus has affected the world as a whole in ways we couldn’t have predicted. Brick and mortar stores forced to close unless their local governors’ office considers them as an essential business. Coronavirus can put a strain on businesses that rely on having their store open, but as the digital landscape evolves, we saw e-commerce become even more essential. Crimson Agility wants to take time to encourage people to stay home and to use their computers to shop online to find what they need. 

We’d also like to take time to highlight and promote some of the companies we had the privilege to work with as well as engage in managed services during these unprecedented times. Please visit their websites and check out what each unique company has to offer for you and your family. 

Performance Health – https://www.performancehealth.com/

 Performance Health is a leader in consumer healthcare and the most significant global manufacturer and distributor of products to the rehabilitation and sports medicine markets. We’ve had the privilege of helping Performance Health design and advance their online storefront. Their production of medical supplies has been pushed to its limit as the demand of medical masks and sanitizers are essential during this virus outbreak. 

BioFreeze –  https://www.biofreeze.com/

Biofreeze is a long-lasting, fast-acting, powerful muscle relief spray that is a brand belonging to Performance Health. Their muscle relief comes in many forms and has seen many famous athletes endorse the product like Sloane Stephens and Damian Lillard. If you have family members or yourself active with strenuous sports activities, this spray is one of the best. 

Powersteps – https://www.powersteps.com/

Powersteps is committed to providing each customer with a product that is comfortable and genuinely prevents and relieves their pain. Powerstep’s key to success is a combination of innovative design, quality materials, and outstanding customer service. We help with their managed services and integration period when switching to Magento 2. If you feel your feet need a bit more power and comfort, look no further than Powersteps. 

Footpetals – https://www.footpetals.com/

A subsidiary product of Powersteps focused on providing women comfort when wearing high heels, arch support, and other standard foot issues. Their research and dedication to putting out new foot care products speak to the quality of their products. We helped migrate and integrate their site to Magento 2 during our time working with them. 

Elixinol – https://www.elixinol.com/

We have had the pleasure of adding Elixinol to our clients list. They are a worldwide manufacturer and distributor of cannabinoid products. Their tight knit relationship ( Over 20 years) with hemp farmers helps them deliver on their highest quality and purest form of CBD and hemp products. Featured by the Wall Street Journal and several other news media outlets rave about their products as well as the educational overview they feature on their site. Crimson Agility helped them in re-platforming their site and continue to support them with Managed Services.

Advan-Ergo – https://advan-ergo.com/

When working at a desk, your ergonomics are critical to maintaining a healthy posture. Their tight guidelines to following ergonomic standards are always followed through and provide results. Dedication to improving and educating people on the importance of ergonomics is part of their goal, and they exceed this in every possible way. Check out their website and see what equipment can help you out at work. 

Zip-Corvette – https://www.zip-corvette.com/

Zip-Corvette produces corvette parts and accessories for car enthusiasts all across the world. Their quick delivery and guarantee of product efficiency make them a choice provider for Corvette parts. The Magento 1 to Magento 2 migration and continues to help with managed services. 

LloydPans – https://lloydpans.com/

A U.S. based manufacturer of pans, Llyod Pans, has provided innovated, toxin-free, and performance-based pans to American households everywhere. Re-platforming their website helped add in the flexibility that Magento 2 has to offer when creating customization options for products. 

Spice and Tea –  https://www.spiceandtea.com/

We worked with migrating Spice and Tea to Magento 2 and continue to do managed services work with them. Spice and Tea offers a high-quality, diverse assortment of products in a sensory shopping experience. One step into their shops will kick your senses into high-gear as you open the jars and smell. 

Fine Awards – https://www.fineawards.com/

Fine Awards had reached out to us to help with a Magento 1 to Magento 2 migration for their website. They specialize in providing unique and satisfying awards and trophies. Our managed services and migration work we did with them helped take their site to the next level with its infrastructure. 

CarrotTop – https://carrot-top.com/

Carrot-Top looks towards the future; it plans to continue providing organizations across America with high-quality products that help display a message or pride through patriotic and customized solutions. Carrot-Top knows that 40 years in business would not have happened without all of its loyal customers.

Allterra– https://allterracentral.com/

Allterra provides cutting edge positioning technology and solutions to the Geospatial Industries through sales, rentals, training, service, and support of the best products at the best prices. Our work migrating their site to Magento 2 helped their website have a more modern look to it when selling their equipment 

Snowflake Designs – https://www.snowflakedesigns.com/

Snowflake designs have been creating gymnastic workout leotards, competition leotards, warm-up suits, dancewear, and athletic clothing for over 35 years. Our continuous support and work on their site helped them prepare for the shifting changes to their multiple catalogs. They are currently making and selling face masks that could help you stay protected during these time while providing local pickup appointments. 

For more information and website needs, contact us at Crimson Agility.

e-commerce security

E-Commerce Security – Protecting Against E-mail Fraud

E-Mail fraud and e-commerce security is a genuine threat that we all face daily. These messages, sometimes referred to as “phishing” or “spoofing,” are becoming more prevalent and may appear legitimate by incorporating company logos, colors, or other legal disclaimers into them. As an online merchant, your customers are an extremely vulnerable group. It is essential to protect your customers and have an online presence that is credible, professional and secure.

Here are some security tips for online merchants.

  • Never request any customers’ personal or banking information via e-mail.
  • Include your customer service phone number in the header of your site – this is both comforting to your customers and provides a mechanism for them to report suspected fraud.
  • Ensure your e-mails have a consistent style and layout that is professional and that your customers recognize.
  • Display the full URL of links in your e-mails – this allows your customer to see that the URL is to your site.
  • Follow e-commerce security best practices as it relates to account creation and passwords. (See Magento Password Options)
  • Take appropriate steps to secure your site from site-spoofing and URL-spoofing that include monitoring and countermeasures.
  • Use authenticated e-mail servers.  These include DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail) and SPF (Sender Policy Framework), often in conjunction with DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance).

Learn more about how to avoid phishing scams in this article from the U.S. Federal Trade Commission:


Crimson Agility is an e-commerce and Magento expert with a focus on security and preventive measures for online merchants. Ask us about our Magento Security Audit for your Magento 1 or Magento 2 site before its too late. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. A little precaution and planning before a security crisis occurs are preferable to reacting to the fallout of a disaster.

For more help and information on e-commerce security, contact us at Crimson Agility.

Magento solution specialist

Magento Certification: Solution Specialist Exam Guide

Crimson Agility takes pride in being a Magento Professional Partner. However, to reach this level of partnership, you need to have 12 certifications of different fields when working with Magento. We currently are at a Silver Partner tier with Magento based on joint booking attainment, technical proficiency, and customer satisfaction.

From the Magento 2 Solution Specialist page

“A Magento 2 Solution Specialist is an expert user of the Magento 2 eCommerce platform. It is designed for those who can efficiently align business objectives with Magento 2 functionality, optimize use of native features, and avoid unnecessary customization. Areas of knowledge include eCommerce, Magento Architecture, Magento Admin & Storefront, Business & Applications, and Catalog. “

The Magento exams can be intimidating even for the most expert developers and Solution Specialists. However, these tests can be a vital part of your businesses marketing and reinforcing your reputation. That being said, it can be stressful, so Crimson Agility would like to help provide some helpful tips to get you that certification. 

How to Prepare for Magento Solution Specialist Certification

  1. Create or Purchase a Study Guide: It is vital to make sure you have the information to narrow what needs to be studied. At Crimson Agility, we used the SwiftOtter Solutions study guide, which gave us specific information to understand. We then paired this information with the official Magento User Guide to get even more specifics on the configurations and how it works on the front end. 
  2. Form a Study Group: Studying in a group promotes a sense of community and helps provide teaching opportunities when you teach the information that you learned from the study guide and inform the ones around you because the best way to reinforce knowledge is to help others.
  3. Rest/ Peace and Quiet: No one, and I mean no one, can run on fumes. It’s vital to keep rested and to take intermediate breaks to refresh the mind. If you dig yourself into studying or stay up late, it can cause frustration and a lack of focus.
  4. Different Study Tools and Games: One of the worst parts of studying is that it can be BORING. It would help if you kept things interesting for yourself and your possible study group. At Crimson Agility, we created flashcards, watched videos, inspiring memory associations, received tutoring from some people that have passed the test, and even created a Jeopardy game.
  5. Practice Makes Perfect: Repetition of the material is everything, and nothing beats just doing it over, and over, and over, and over, and over again. 

These exams are a vital part of the Magento platform and to becoming a Magento certified partner. Magento only wants the most qualified and knowledgeable of personal development on their sites. We are always providing a consistent experience between all different websites between different development firms. This standard sets a future of integrity for all client websites. That’s why we at Crimson Agility consider it a cornerstone of our business. That’s why Crimson Agility takes pride in having some of the most certifications out of any Magento development firm, and why we want to help others strive to the Magento standard.

If you need a Magento Professional Partner that is reliable and Magento certified with plenty of experience with the platform, you can visit our page here.

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How Artificial Intelligence can Help Improve e-Commerce Sites

Written by Graham Jones

It wasn’t long ago when we heard the words “I’ll be back,” strewn across the screens of millions. Where a black sunglasses and leather clad Arnold Schwarzenegger stands with a smoking shotgun. He came from a devastated and desolate future ruled by the cruel superintelligence of SkyNet with the steel fist of the Terminators. Is this what is waiting right around the corner for humanity in the years to come?

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)

 According to Merriam Webster

  1. a branch of computer science dealing with the simulation of intelligent behavior in computers
  2. the capability of a machine to imitate intelligent human behavior

AI is the use of predictive algorithms that use social trends to come to outcomes and that account from previous interactions. Using these features to emulate human behavior and intelligence. See, it isn’t always a robot from the future with a shotgun!

When will Artificial Intelligence be in our Daily Lives

I hate to break it to the people out there terrified by the fact of Artificial Intelligence (AI), but it is already a part of daily life. Have you ever searched on Google and the drop down attempts to guess the search result. That is AI. When you use Siri or Google Assistant to see what the weather outside is. That is AI. When you get a fraud notification from your bank stopping a possible threat to your identity. That is AI. I know this might be frightening, or surprising information to some. However, this can possibly help your e-commerce site get to the next level.

How can AI Help Improve E-Commerce Sites


A joke text between a person and a chatbot









Chatbots allow a way to provide customer service while simultaneously freeing up human resources saving you money and employee frustration. They provide quality customer service 24/7 with quick responses that can satisfy the most frustrated of customers. Using Chatbot AI it can reduce user errors. Plus they can sprinkle some humor into any conversation, and they never are in a bad mood. 

AI network surrounds a human brain

Inventory Management

Through the use of Artificial Intelligence inventory has never been easier to manage warehouse inventory around the world. AI has the capability to predict demand based on algorithms and external data. It can sort through massive amounts of data to determine trends and help keep items in stock. Adding the fact that robotic automation is helping save costs, streamlining production, and eliminate user error. Keeping your customers happy and your profits up.

Recommendation Upselling

Through the collection of previous users and visits to a website, AI can determine trends and pinpoint products that a specific customers might want. This provides a personal touch to an immersive website experience that allows the customer to see the products they want. Not having to wade through products that are less desirable can make the shopping experience even more streamlined.

So about the Takeover…

AI contributes to our daily life constantly whether we notice it or not. The desolate future that we see in the movies is not an issue of today. It isn’t evil, but a beneficial tool. Why not let it be a solution or improvement to some of your e-commerce needs? Let Magento be the catalyst to improving your business. Contact Crimson Agility for your Magento needs “come with us if you want to live” and get even higher profits.

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About the Author: Originally from Canada, My family and I moved down to Arizona when I was young providing me the great opportunity to grow-up in this beautiful state and country. I previously worked in the medical field as a Quality Assurance Manager, and was given the great opportunity to break into the field of eCommerce. I am excited to work for the Crimson Agility Team as a QA Analyst!

Tips and Tricks for Styling Magento 2 Websites

Written by Rich Samartino

One of the driving principles in software development is DRY – ‘Don’t Repeat Yourself’. This has led to the rise of package managers like PHP’s Composer, which is utilized by Magento 2 – one of the key differentiators between it and Magento 1.

In a similar way, Magento 2’s usage of the Less CSS preprocessor allows frontend developers to join the DRY movement. Instead of redeclaring font colors, page widths, or input border styles in multiple places, CSS preprocessors allow these values to be declared as variables.

An even more powerful feature is mixins, which allow entire blocks of styles to be declared as a kind of function, with or without arguments, that can then be used in multiple places. It is similar in concept to declaring a PHP abstract class which is then used as-is or modified by the implementing child class.

The Magento team built an extensive frontend library utilizing Less variables and mixins so that developers can customize the default theme with minimal amounts of custom code. Below, I’ll show some examples how to do this, and highlight some other useful features to make your frontend Magento 2 development a little easier.

Utilizing the Magento UI Library 

Magento-UI Library Variables














As documented in Magento DevDocs, your custom theme can totally transform the look and feel of default Magento styles simply by redefining a few Less variables, as shown in this example:

Ideally, your variable redefinitions should go in <theme_dir>/web/css/source/_extend.less (they can also go in <theme_dir>/web/css/source/_theme.less, but this will override the parent theme’s _theme.less file.)

One question is, how do you know which variables to override? Consult the Magento UI Library docs, or inspecting default styles in the browser (made easier with CSS source maps and Grunt, covered below), will reveal which Less mixin is outputting the style, and inspecting that mixin will tell you which variable contains the value you want to change.

For example, the Luma theme styles primary action buttons here with a mixin defined here. Looking at that mixin, you can see that various button styles default to Less variables; for example the background color defaults to the @button-primary__color variable. So, redefining the @button-primary__color in your _extend.less file will change the background color of those buttons throughout the website.

It’s worth reading through the DevDocs on this topic and familiarizing yourself with all of the different mixins and variables used by the UI Library because it will save you a lot of lines of code now and make your styles much more maintainable and extendable in the long run – unless you’re a WET programmer – ‘we enjoy typing’ 😉

Using Mixins Defined in _utilities.less

Some handy (and less documented, as far as I can tell) mixins are located in _utilities.less. Some styles, like flexbox, require vendor prefixes to maintain compatibility with older browsers. Magento wrote a mixin to save you from typing out these prefixes. There’s also a more generic .lib-css() mixin that will output these vendor prefixes for any CSS style if the @_prefix argument is specified.

Again, it could be worth spending a few minutes perusing _utilities.less since some other handy mixins are included, like .lib-url which makes referencing asset urls a little easier (but mysteriously isn’t used in core code anywhere…)

All Styles Should Be Wrapped in Magento Media Query

Personally I don’t think this was a great idea by Magento, but all styles, even those which don’t target a certain screen size, should be wrapped in a media query, or else they will be output in both styles-m.css and styles-l.css, making browser debugging harder and file sizes bigger. You can find many examples of these media queries in core code, including here.

Compiling Styles with Grunt

Your frontend development will be made much easier by using Grunt to compile styles, rather than clearing pub/static and relying on PHP to process Less styles. Grunt compiles styles faster and produces CSS source maps, which allow you to see exactly which Less file styles are coming from in your browser. Grunt setup and usage is well documented here.


As you can see above, taking some time to investigate Magento’s Less-based UI Library will make writing styles for Magento much more interesting, less repetitive and more maintainable.

While this is all a great improvement over writing styles in .css files, technologies such as Less and Grunt, originally included in Magento during its development ~5 years ago, have been surpassed in popularity or technological superiority by Sass, Gulp, npm scripts, webpack and probably many other technologies I’m not aware of. Additionally, Magento might have chosen to base its default styles on a more actively developed library like Bootstrap, which can be included in a project’s build pipeline using Sass files and extended similarly to how I described extending Magento’s homegrown UI Library above.

So, try to master, but don’t feel limited by Magento’s default styles framework. Here at Crimson Agility’s Arizona office, our goal is to make your code as DRY as the Sonoran Desert 🙂

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About the Author: Drawn to the open source, modern architecture of Magento 2, Rich has channeled his passion for technology into mastering the trade of E-Commerce Engineer. Originally an IT major, Rich spent several years away from technology exploring many ‘offline’ aspects of life, picking up skills such as knitting and guitar-playing, but eventually gravitated back to technology to build web applications for several nonprofits. With the seed of object-oriented web development planted, Rich continued to blossom as a web developer with an innovative sleep technology company, playing an integral role in launching its new Magento 2 website. Hungry for more Magento 2 experience, Rich has landed at Crimson Agility, where he looks forward to applying his talents to build you a great website!

Why Magento Best Practices are Important to Your Business

Written by Erica Summers

What are you really getting out of a team of Magento experts? Why pay the extra fee to do something the “best practice” way, instead of the quickest or cheapest? And what will one approach versus another cost you in the long run?

If you ever hear from a development team about doing things to follow “best practice”, or are working on estimating different tasks or features and get a few different approaches and time estimates, there’s a very important reason why. It comes down to the versatility of Magento. For instance, Magento’s open source platform has been around for over a decade. It’s a large, complex piece of software that is continually growing and changing, with a large worldwide community of developers continuously improving it. With this never-ending change and growth, code ends up being refactored, standards change, and new features are added. All of this translates into one important takeaway: there is no one way to get something done.

In fact, for any given task or feature there’s probably tens or hundreds of different ways to do the exact same thing, and at one given point in time some of them were the “best practice” way, but that changed and has now become obsolete.

So what does this mean for you as a client?

In short, it comes down to picking the right team and knowing you can rely on their expertise.

There is a growing number of Magento-specific developers and each will have their own way of doing things. Often, you get what you pay for, with cheaper services getting the same thing done but in a way that’s inefficient, disorganized, and ends up costing more in the long-run to fix or upgrade when needs change. Sometimes you’ll lose inbuilt Magento features, or they won’t work as intended because updates were not completed in a way that is upgrade-safe working within Magento official guidelines.

The value you get when working with a certified Magento partner is knowing that not only will the work get done and things will be up and running, but that we will ensure we are working within best practices, keeping up with the standards. This means you have a reliable site that leverages all the exciting inbuilt Magento features and is easy to upgrade, customize, or change. It gives you more flexibility, ability to grow, and reduce cost over time. It also means that you’ll work with a team who won’t just hack at the code to get something done, but will think critically about what the best approach is to get the work done, and how it might need to grow in the long run.

You need a team focused on the big picture. A team that’s dedicated to high-quality service, keeping up with industry standards, and is always learning and growing.

That’s where we come in.

How Can Crimson Agility Help you Graduate to Magento Commerce 2?

We have migration options! We offer three MAGENTO QUICK START PACKAGES that are fixed-cost implementation solutions. Our packages offer great price points whether you are a small business or large enterprise wanting to move to Magento Commerce. Making the move doesn’t have to be hard and will result in improved security & performance, seamless shopping everywhere with PWA, increased conversion rates, more streamlined operations, and a better overall end-user experience.

Contact us today and learn more, we are here to help and love what we do.

About Author: Erica Summers, is passionate about both design and functionality, creating the best tool for the job and then giving it an edge. I started as a designer and front-end developer over a decade ago before jumping into JavaScript and PHP and have been focused on backend ever since. I love technology and finding new creative ways to solve problems! Also, I’m new to Arizona and learning my way around the area but I’m loving it so far!

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