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Adobe Sensei | Power of Product Recommendations

In the new Magento 2.3.5 upgrade, there will be the introduction of Adobe Sensei, a product recommendation program, exclusive to Magento merchants. This unique program is an embedded admin experience that can be a useful marketing tool to increase conversions, boost revenue, and stimulate shopper engagement. The automated AI uses machine learning-driven recommendations giving suggestions to merchants about “Customers who viewed this product also viewed,” “Customers who bought this product also bought,” and “Recommended for you.” The new update will be available for free to all merchants that use Magento directly from the Magento Marketplace. 

This data, when provided to customers while experiencing their website, can be highly engaging, relevant, and specialized to their experience. Product recommendations require two sets of vital data, behavioral and catalog. Adobe Sensei aggregates the behavioral and record data, creating Product Recommendations for each recommendation type. The Product Recommendations service then deploys those recommendations to your storefront. This update and new AI will set the digital standard with a vast set of features on Adobe Sensei. 

  • Boost and scale experiences with real-time intelligence.
  • Anticipate customer behavior based on attributes, differences, and conversion factors.
  • Efficiently deliver one-to-one customer experiences at scale.
  • Organize and manage assets for better ROI.
  • Engage audiences with custom offers, subject lines, and delivery timing.
  • Make necessary edits quickly and accurately.
  • Finding the right content when needed with an intuitive search.
  • Photorealistic effects.
  • Predict and forecast the impact of different budget scenarios.
  • Automatically adjust your budget across targeting criteria.
  • Continuously monitor campaign performance to optimize ad delivery.
  • Create high-quality documents with content intelligence.
  • Recognize form fields to speed document creation.
  • Quickly convert document images into PDF files.

For new and existing Magento clients, Crimson Agility can help you implement and maintain this ground-breaking software with our Magento support. If you are looking for e-commerce managed services provider or a trustworthy company that will help you migrate from Magento 1 to 2, then schedule or call us today! 

Magento 2.3.5 – Introducing Adobe Sensei

This upcoming patch update will include several incredible features to improve the Magento 2 platform. 

 Adobe Sensei, a product recommendation AI will implement into this next update. The storefront experience will have some new enhancements. This unique program is an embedded admin experience that can be a useful marketing tool to increase conversions, boost revenue, and stimulate shopper engagement. The automated AI uses machine learning-driven recommendations giving suggestions to merchants about “Customers who viewed this product also viewed,” “Customers who bought this product also bought,” and “Recommended for you.” The new update will be available for free to all merchants that use Magento directly from the Magento Marketplace. Adobe Sensei will allow merchants to learn more about their customer’s buying habits and to help them along the buying experience to find out what item they might want soon. This AI implementation is pivotal to keeping your website standards higher than the average competitor and help you connect even more with your customers. 

Features: The new Page Builder features will help you create an engaging website, take control of your brand, as well as save time and resources. These features will provide customizable page layouts and intuitive drag-and-drop content management. 

Security: There will be 25+ security fixes and improvements as well as Content Security Platform implementation. CSP is an added layer of protection that helps detect and mitigate certain types of attacks, like Cross-Site Scripting and data injection attacks. Merchants can now install time-sensitive security fixes without applying the hundreds of functional fixes and enhancements that a full quarterly release. Keeping your site security updated and upgraded will make your customers feel secure and incentivize them to spend money on your storefront. We also have links to another blog post related to the importance of magneto security.  

Performance: GraphQL will be added, providing staging data for categories and products. B2B admins can order directly from the admin panel. Additional improvements have been made with Redis, inventory management, platform technology stack, and VBE’s. 

Platform Quality: Core payment integrations deprecation is encouraging merchants to get these payment integrations through extensions on the marketplace. Another notable change is that over 180 product quality enhancements across the platform. 

Magento 2.3.5 is available today for existing clients and new clients. If you want to find out more about the update, please reach out to us at Crimson Agility. 


Stay Home & Shop Online during COVID-19 Crisis

Coronavirus has affected the world as a whole in ways we couldn’t have predicted. Brick and mortar stores forced to close unless their local governors’ office considers them as an essential business. Coronavirus can put a strain on businesses that rely on having their store open, but as the digital landscape evolves, we saw e-commerce become even more essential. Crimson Agility wants to take time to encourage people to stay home and to use their computers to shop online to find what they need. 

We’d also like to take time to highlight and promote some of the companies we had the privilege to work with as well as engage in managed services during these unprecedented times. Please visit their websites and check out what each unique company has to offer for you and your family. 

Performance Health –

 Performance Health is a leader in consumer healthcare and the most significant global manufacturer and distributor of products to the rehabilitation and sports medicine markets. We’ve had the privilege of helping Performance Health design and advance their online storefront. Their production of medical supplies has been pushed to its limit as the demand of medical masks and sanitizers are essential during this virus outbreak. 

BioFreeze –

Biofreeze is a long-lasting, fast-acting, powerful muscle relief spray that is a brand belonging to Performance Health. Their muscle relief comes in many forms and has seen many famous athletes endorse the product like Sloane Stephens and Damian Lillard. If you have family members or yourself active with strenuous sports activities, this spray is one of the best. 

Powersteps –

Powersteps is committed to providing each customer with a product that is comfortable and genuinely prevents and relieves their pain. Powerstep’s key to success is a combination of innovative design, quality materials, and outstanding customer service. We help with their managed services and integration period when switching to Magento 2. If you feel your feet need a bit more power and comfort, look no further than Powersteps. 

Footpetals –

A subsidiary product of Powersteps focused on providing women comfort when wearing high heels, arch support, and other standard foot issues. Their research and dedication to putting out new foot care products speak to the quality of their products. We helped migrate and integrate their site to Magento 2 during our time working with them. 

Elixinol –

We have had the pleasure of adding Elixinol to our clients list. They are a worldwide manufacturer and distributor of cannabinoid products. Their tight knit relationship ( Over 20 years) with hemp farmers helps them deliver on their highest quality and purest form of CBD and hemp products. Featured by the Wall Street Journal and several other news media outlets rave about their products as well as the educational overview they feature on their site. Crimson Agility helped them in re-platforming their site and continue to support them with Managed Services.

Advan-Ergo –

When working at a desk, your ergonomics are critical to maintaining a healthy posture. Their tight guidelines to following ergonomic standards are always followed through and provide results. Dedication to improving and educating people on the importance of ergonomics is part of their goal, and they exceed this in every possible way. Check out their website and see what equipment can help you out at work. 

Zip-Corvette –

Zip-Corvette produces corvette parts and accessories for car enthusiasts all across the world. Their quick delivery and guarantee of product efficiency make them a choice provider for Corvette parts. The Magento 1 to Magento 2 migration and continues to help with managed services. 

LloydPans –

A U.S. based manufacturer of pans, Llyod Pans, has provided innovated, toxin-free, and performance-based pans to American households everywhere. Re-platforming their website helped add in the flexibility that Magento 2 has to offer when creating customization options for products. 

Spice and Tea –

We worked with migrating Spice and Tea to Magento 2 and continue to do managed services work with them. Spice and Tea offers a high-quality, diverse assortment of products in a sensory shopping experience. One step into their shops will kick your senses into high-gear as you open the jars and smell. 

Fine Awards –

Fine Awards had reached out to us to help with a Magento 1 to Magento 2 migration for their website. They specialize in providing unique and satisfying awards and trophies. Our managed services and migration work we did with them helped take their site to the next level with its infrastructure. 

CarrotTop –

Carrot-Top looks towards the future; it plans to continue providing organizations across America with high-quality products that help display a message or pride through patriotic and customized solutions. Carrot-Top knows that 40 years in business would not have happened without all of its loyal customers.


Allterra provides cutting edge positioning technology and solutions to the Geospatial Industries through sales, rentals, training, service, and support of the best products at the best prices. Our work migrating their site to Magento 2 helped their website have a more modern look to it when selling their equipment 

Snowflake Designs –

Snowflake designs have been creating gymnastic workout leotards, competition leotards, warm-up suits, dancewear, and athletic clothing for over 35 years. Our continuous support and work on their site helped them prepare for the shifting changes to their multiple catalogs. They are currently making and selling face masks that could help you stay protected during these time while providing local pickup appointments. 

For more information and website needs, contact us at Crimson Agility.

Magento Direct Post End-Of-Life Demystified

Authorize.Net alerted customers recently that it was phasing out MD5 based hashes. These are used for transaction response verification from Magento’s Direct Post payment method. Magento has announced a patch to address this issue. The first step is currently in effect, merchants are no longer able to configure or update their MD5 Hash settings in the Merchant Interface. On June 28, 2019, Authorize.Net will stop populating the MD5 Hash Value altogether. This will in effect make it impossible to process payments for merchants who use Authorize.Net Direct Post method in Magento.

For all Magento versions prior to Magento 2.3.1 (including Magento 1.9 and 1.14 and below) Direct Post was a native payment application within Magento’s platform. This payment method will no longer be valid after June 28, 2019. This could result in lost revenue and downtime for merchants.

In order to continue processing these payments, Magento has provided a solution in the form of patches which can be applied for both Magento 1.X and Magento 2.X.  These patches for Magento must be applied within the code base and deployed to the merchant’s production server before June 28th to ensure continuity of service. Additionally, the merchant must generate a signature key within their portal, and insert this into the admin configuration.

If any of this sounds technical, its because it is. The patch provided requires updating your Magento code. After the patch is applied, it is important to verify that any customizations dependent on the module are not impacted by the patch and appropriate configurations within the payment portal are properly tested.

Crimson Agility is well-versed in this process and has already completed the necessary changes for all their clients. If you are concerned your site might be at risk, please contact us for Magento Support through our contact form or call us directly for assistance.

For more information on this issue see the following:


Magento is making increasing headway in e-commerce innovation and that trend continues with Magento Commerce and Magento Open Source 2.3.1. The new update offers merchants better control, creation tools, and will save you time and money when interacting with your e-commerce site.

There are over 200 improvements included in this update. You can look forward to merchant tool enhancements such as improved order creation workflow, Distance Priority Source Selection algorithm (SSA) option in Multi-Source Inventory, and enhancements to mass inventory transfers. Additionally, the Progressive Web App (PWA) studio now has more tools than ever before to help you build and deliver state-of-the-art mobile experiences. The update also offers the latest version of PayPal Express Checkout, Venmo, Shipment Cancellation, and enhancements to many of Magento’s existing features. For B2B customers, 2.3.1 now supports address books of more than 3,000 entries.

If you’re interested in upgrading your Magento site, contact us to schedule a complimentary assessment and estimate. Crimson Agility is nations’s fastest growing and Magento Professional partners in North America, providing local and nationwide brands both e-commerce and Magento consulting and development services. Simply fill in your information to contact us to schedule your complimentary Magento assessment.

For more information about Magento 2.3.1.

5 Keys to Successful Magento Support

“Managed Services” is a service offered to businesses that rely on a software or service that requires support, maintenance, and or customizations.  Crimson Agility provides Magento Managed Services as a services offering to its clients or any Magento merchant on Magento 1 or Magento 2.

As your business grows, the impact of unexpected downtime, security issues, or a stale site can result is huge losses of revenue, customers, and credibility.  Our clients at Crimson Agility depend on us to ensure that their site is stable, performing at a high level, and secure. Additionally, many of our clients are constantly evolving their site to grow sales, gain competitive advantage over competitors, and exceed their customers expectations.  As both consultant and developer, Crimson Agility is viewed by our clients as a trusted partner.

When you are looking for Magento support, help or development services, the following critical success criteria should be evaluated.   

  1. Work with a team of Magento Certified and Trained developers.  Magento is a powerful platform and framework for e-commerce, not just a PHP application.  If the team you entrust to work on your site is not trained and certified, they will likely take the path of least resistance to doing things, leaving your site vulnerable and performing poorly.  Always work with a team that follows Magento best practices. Doing things the “Magento Way” ensures your site remains supportabe, stable, performing well, and secure.
  2. A good managed services or support team is going to have a clearly defined methodology built around principles that promote communication, control, and transparency.  I found this resonates with our clients as what they’ve been missing or lacking prior to working with Crimson Agility.  The lack of any of these when you are paying for services and support is incredibly frustrating.
  3. “Continuity of Care” is an important concept that I first learned about from my wife, who as a nurse, pointed out to me the importance of “continuity of care”. Basically, the same nurse is assigned to the same patient as much as possible resulting in better care and a more personalized approach to care.  By assigning a single point of contact to our clients and one or two developers that consistently work for you; you benefit from a relationship where our team understands your vision, the nuances of your site, and the history. There is no bouncing around between different developers or overseas staff in remote time zones that you’ve never met or talked to.  
  4. No risk, no long-term commitments, quality Magento support.  There is no need to sign a long-term contract until you are ready to do so and it is in the best interest of your business.  Crimson Agility offers an ad-hoc approach to support and development that allows you to pay as you go. If our support is not working out for you, you can stop at any time.  This approach is the equivalent of a “trial”. Most of our clients started this way. After working with us for a few months, they switched to a managed services plan that provided discounts and additional services that aligned with their needs.
  5. The thing that our clients value most is responsiveness and quality results fast, they want to know that when there is a problem, we’ll respond quickly; if they call with an emergency, someone will always answer the phone.  At Crimson Agility, if we get a call due to an emergency you will always be connected with one of your team and they’ll typically have the issue resolved within 1-2 hours.  In addition, when it’s not an emergency, we are able to take most simple requests and complete them within a day or two of being logged by you. The pace and rhythm of what to do and when is completely governed by you – important for planning.

As your business grows you’ll want the piece of mind that you have a trusted Magento partner to help manage, support, maintain, and grow your Magento site.  Crimson Agility offers several plans including the ad-hoc support plan and accommodates to clients big and small.  Your dedicated team of certified professionals awaits your call. Call us today or visit our Magento Managed Services & Support page on our site.

Crimson Agility Team


It is not unusual to hear someone say about their co-workers, “we are like a family.” Reed Hastings, CEO of Netflix, created a lot of nationwide conversation when he made it clear to employees that, ‘We’re a team, not a family.’ (Reference the public Netflix Culture slide deck). There are a lot of differences between a team and a family.  As family members, we encourage each other to do our best unconditionally. You are a part of your family whether you are successful or not.  Membership in your family never changes. As a team, our participation is conditional, based on our contribution to the team’s success. Teams improve by constantly upgrading their talent. In order for the team to win, we need people who are the best, not just do their best.

At Crimson Agility we stand behind the concept of working together, caring about each other, and feeling like we ‘belong’.  We are all part of a team striving to provide our clients with the best service, quality and customer satisfaction in the delivery of our work. We evaluate results on a quarterly basis. We recognize our failures and celebrate our sucessess. This can only be achieved by constantly correcting the course, improving what works and getting rid of what doesn’t. Fostering a team atmosphere, not a family atmosphere, is how we will achieve our next level of growth. Team building events like Crimson Agility’s 3rd Quarter Events last week are a great way to inject some playful competition and get to know each other at a more personal level. Knowing who your teammates are at a personal level, makes them ‘human’ and leads to an environment in which we can support each other to achieve corporate success.

Great leaders, self-starters, team players and outside the box thinkers are what the team’s success is all about. We are a growing team and we looking for our next great team members. If you think you have what it takes, check out our current job openings. Your success is our success.

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Imagine 2017 is coming up in April in Las Vegas, and Crimson Agility wants to give you a ticket to the Magento event of the year. The vision of Imagine is to inspire, advance, educate, collaborate, and enjoy all that there is to offer with the Magento e-Commerce platform. Attending Imagine is a great way to learn all there is to know about leveraging Magento help your business skyrocket.

Through the end of January 31, 2017 Crimson Agility is offering you the opportunity to win a free pass to Imagine (valued at $1,795). In order to win, all you need to do is share Crimson Agility on social media.


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