Power Reviews is a leading provider of a syndication platform for customer-generated product ratings and reviews on your Magento store.  Integrating this powerful platform into your Magento store requires simple configuration, integration, and seamlessly incorporating the customer forms and content into your Magento site.


Crimson Agility’s experience with Magento and Power Reviews leads to a quick and successful transition away from standard Magento’s standard “Reviews” to the powerful platform provided by Power Reviews.  Crimson Agility assists with data migration, setting up a secure “Write a Review” form, and incorporating reviews and ratings into your Magento site’s category and products pages.  The end result is a mobile-friendly platform that increases conversions and aligns perfectly with the style and brand of your site.


Power Reviews Business
Power Reviews Enterprise
Magento 1.9+
Magento 1.14+
Magento 2.1+
Magento 2.2+


Visual Ratings & Reviews in Category Views
Seamless Styling into Product Pages
Secure “Write a Review” Form
Review Data Migration
Mobile-Friendly Responsive Web Design
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