Have you ever heard that when you first meet someone, you have just a few seconds to make a first impression? Well it’s pretty much the same with websites these days. How many times have you searched on the internet, clicked and landed on a site that was totally not what you were expecting?  Or maybe it was what you were expecting, but the look and feel of the site was old and dingy?  Or maybe the site was modern and clean, but the links and navigation were not as smooth as its design?  Any of these would make you navigate away from the site, right?

So how do you tell your story in a way that makes potential customers stick around, click and make a purchase? If you built your site in the last 5 years, it may be time to start asking yourself some tough questions:

  1. Would YOU shop your site? Be honest with yourself. Ask random people for input, but be prepared to hear the truth. It is hard to hear that one’s baby is ugly…even if it is in fact really ugly!
  2. How easy is it to navigate your site?  Is it easy to use? How fast is it? If it takes too long to load a page, people will not stick around. Keep it simple, not too wordy, use images to showcase your products.
  3. Is your design functional? It is really important to keep it simple without overwhelming choices, ads or distracting content that distracts the would be buyers from adding items to the cart.
  4. Is the design and logo conveying the feeling you want your customer to have when they visit your site? Does it play well with your background story? Colors, form and design are the number one things to watch here.  Pick them according to the reaction you want from your users.
  5. Is your site representative of a secure site? Will people feel safe making a purchase on your site? Research has shown that designing the checkout experience in a way that the payment information is displayed within a box on it’s own evokes the feeling of security. Just a simple line around the fields makes users feel safe entering their information.  Security logos also help here. Who would have thought?!

The previous list is a really short list of things to consider when you are building or updating your site’s design. If you don’t already have a partner for your Magento e-commerce site, let us help you tell your story! Our team at Crimson Agility is growing and we recently added a great digital designer that has already wowed several of our customers in the short time she’s been here.  Here are two of the sites she’s re-done:


Whitout further ado, allow me introduce you to our very own Claudia Campos!!

“It is always my priority to create aesthetically impressive and effective designs. My plan is to find solutions to increase the functionality of the product, while improving the concept.” – Claudia

Claudia’s Bio:  I have five years of experience, a degree in graphic design, and I am self-taught in front end web developing, email marketing, and user interface design. I lived in San Diego for three years and then moved to Arizona seven years ago. I’m originally from Baja Mexico, but I spent a good portion of my childhood in California. As a child I attended a fine art school in Mexico for several years. This has given me a very diverse outlook. I have dual citizenship and I can speak two languages, Spanish and English. In my spare time I like to do yoga, paint, and research about new graphic design and web developing strategies to keep myself updated.  That’s MY Story…What is YOURS? I can’t wait to help you tell YOUR story!

Ask us and we can do an assessment of your site and provide you with a free estimate for what it would take to get your site back to being shiny and new!

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