Make Your Website Mobile Friendly & Responsive


Crimson Agility significantly reduces the time and cost typically required to get a responsive site, and we make it easier than ever for merchants to take advantage of the rapid growth in mobile commerce.

Responsive is the best mobile solution for many merchants because they can invest in one site that serves customers using any device, while ensuring a consistent brand experience on every device. A single responsive site is less costly to develop and requires less time and effort to maintain than different themes for different sites and different devices.

Responsive is also good for boosting conversion, with a shopping cart and checkout designed to work in any environment and on any screen size. And having a responsive site makes it easy for mobile device-using customers to move from an email offer, for instance, to check out.

1. Convert your existing theme into a mobile-friendly responsive design
2. Select from hundreds of new mobile-friendly Magento themes and implement one on your Magento instance
3. Develop a unique mobile-friendly responsive theme from mock-ups or designs provided by your creative team
4. Work with the Crimson Agility creative team to design and develop a style and mobile-friendly theme that is 100% yours

Whatever option you select, Crimson Agility will ensure your new mobile-friendly responsive design (RWD) aligns with your brand and vision for your online presence. Fill in your information to schedule an assessment to determine if your Magento site is mobile friendly and responsive.