Migrating to Magento Commerce 2 is a prime opportunity to “clean house” and streamline your e-commerce environment. Magento will end support for Magento 1 in June 2020, it’s important to begin planning for your migration today – Crimson Agility offers Fast-Track Migrations starting at $18,000.


A lot of businesses that want to get started with online commerce turn to Magento Open Source. Thousands download and test it every month. And it’s free. It even has a large and enthusiastic community of more than 300,000 merchants and developers. If you’re somewhat new to e-commerce (and even if you’re not), it can seem like a no-brainer. But some small businesses— especially those on the fast track to growth—may actually do better with Magento Commerce. Because it comes with more features built in, you can spend more time and money on your business strategy and less on fine-tuning your commerce platform.


Crimson Agility provides the leadership and expertise to ensure your upgrade to Magento 2.3 is successful with no downtime or loss of revenue.

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Upgrading to Magento 2 can lower the TCO of your e-commerce investment through improved performance, simpler development, greater self-service tools for merchants, and an array of new features that introduce automation and streamlined processes.

Magento 1.X - End of Life

Magento has announced the end-of-life for Magento 1.X as June 30, 2020.  At this time it is critical that you’re migrated to Magento 2.3 or better as end-of-life means the end of support as well as security updates.

Improved Performance

Magento 2.3 is built on state-of-the-art mobile-first technologies and offers significant improvements in performance and page load times compared to Magento 1.X when implemented by knowledgeable and certified Magento developers like at Crimson Agility.

Focus on Security

Magento’s focus on security has introduced new security features for both customers and merchants that when implemented by a firm like Crimson Agility with a security-first mind-set will provide you the peace of mind as it relates to your customers data, privacy, and payments.

Expanded B2B Capabilities

Magento 2 has introduced many new B2B features that allow manufacturers and distributors to quickly and easily implement capabilities to improve their interactions with their customers.  These include advanced pricing, company hierarchies, quoting, and requisition lists, and using Magento 2.3 advanced API’s access to offline order data.

New Page Builder

One of the most impressive improvements in Magento 2.3 thus far is the page builder. This has vastly improved the CMS content development and makes it extremely easy for merchants to set up their static content without the need of a developer.

Flexible & Scalable Architecture

The flexible and scalable nature of Magento 2.3’s architecture is its biggest advantage over other platforms that are more rigid and unforgiving making them more difficult to adapt to your changing business needs and consequently stifling your innovation and competitive advantage.


Magento 2.3 supports progressive web application framework and responsive web designs allowing for high-performance, user and mobile friendly, user experiences across an array of devices.  As Google drives merchants towards better performing mobile applications and sites, Magento has met the challenge.


Our methodology employs specific steps, processes, and deliverables that are proven to lead to success and customer satisfaction. Like you, we value communication, control, and high quality results.


Crimson Agility approaches all development with the following objectives:

1. Ensure Magento remains high performing and reliable
2. Ensure Magento remains easily upgradeable
3. Ensure Magento remains extensible and that custom development does not limit or obstruct future development.

Each module will be configured or built using Magento’s generally accepted best practices – the “Magento way”. In the event the developed item is additive to an existing piece of functionality which is currently not upgrade safe, or written in such a way that it does not follow Magento’s best practices and could cause issues (short term or long term), Crimson Agility will review the impacted area with CLIENT and discuss what if any remediation steps should be taken.


The key to success is planning. The objective of the “planning” process is to ensure all requirements are accounted for, sufficient detail is outlined and documented as development begins, and there is agreement between Crimson Agility and you on the critical success criteria and requirements. We meet with you frequently to ensure that we remain on track Crimson Agility provides Project Status Reports to you weekly. The Project Status Report is relevant, timely, and insightful, not some boiler-plate template.


Crimson Agility employs a well-designed and prescriptive process for migrating data to Magento 2. The steps of this process start with preparing a clear and coherent Data Strategy & Plan to review with you and analysis of your current data to ensure we understand all aspects and elements of your products, customers, orders, and supporting data.


If your Magento 1.x site has been around a while, chances are there is a lot of third-party extensions, customizations, and failed features and functionality. During the upgrade to Magento 2, this is a great opportunity to inventory all custom functionality and assess its value and utility. Based on our findings, we may determine that much of it is no longer needed or of value. This opportunity to clean-up your Magento site in favor of simplicity can lead to increased performance, better supportability, and an overall improved user experience for your customers.


One of the strengths of Magento has always been the marketplace and myriad of third-party of extensions that can add new features to Magento easily and inexpensively. This remains true of Magento 2. Crimson Agility will assist you in selecting third-party extensions that are reputable, well-developed, and meet your requirements without impacting performance or stability.


Crimson Agility can migrate all your static content over for you or provide training on the new Page Builder tool in Magento 2.3 that allows you to create engaging rich content for your Magento site. Many of our clients prefer to create and manage their static content pages themselves and Page Builder allows them to do this more easily and with greater sophistication than ever before.


The theme and layout of your Magento 1.x site will not migrate to Magento 2.3, the theme needs to be rebuilt for Magento 2.3. As a result, upgrading to Magento 2.3 provides a great opportunity to re-theme your site to provide a more modern elegant theme and layout for your clients. This is an important element of your brands credibility and ultimately drives the user experience. Crimson Agility’s designers and front-end developers can provide the wireframes, mock-ups, and finished product of a new Magento theme that you will be proud of and your customers will love.


Prior to the launch of the newly upgraded Magento 2 site, Crimson Agility will do a security audit in conjunction with Magento and your hosting partner to ensure that your site’s security aligns with best practices and your customers data, privacy, and payment data is protected and secure.  Crimson Agility will make recommendations on internal processes that impact security as well as assist with any audits required by regulatory authorities.


Crimson Agility will work with your hosting partner to ensure that your Magento 2 instance is tuned for high-performance and fast page load times.  A Content Delivery Network like Fastly or Cloudflare will be recommended and implemented.  Crimson Agility will begin monitoring and measuring site performance relatively early in the project to ensure site stability and performance.


When upgrading to Magento 2, one of the most important aspects of the project that is often overlooked or an after-thought is ensuring the continuity of your years of SEO gains.  Crimson Agility will work with you and your SEO team if you have one to review inbound links, URL redirects, site URL structure, rich snippets, and page structures to maintain SEO value and page rankings while at the same time allowing you the opportunity to make improvements and fix those issues you always want to address.


Crimson Agility has a 100% success rate as it relates to migrating sites from Magento 1.x to Magento 2.x.  The key component to this is our accountability to our clients and to the success of the project.  Our clients value our dedication to the project, our transparency and consistent progress, our controls and communication, and our thoroughness in getting the job done right and with positive high-quality results.

A recent client we upgraded thanked Crimson Agility for “…your excellent leadership and team’s great execution”.


Thank you very much to you and your team for all of your support in getting the site launched. This was by far the best site update project that we have done and was due to your leadership and team’s great execution. I know we asked your team to work many long nights to pull this off in a short timeframe and really appreciate it. The early feedback from our employees and customers has been really strong – people love the site.

Michael F. McGoohan
Michael F. McGoohan Chief Marketing Officer, Performance Health/Biofreeze

I wanted to say thanks for all the work you have expeditiously executed to get the ACTS program functional and on our website. Yes we pay you and its business; however, I do want to say it’s a pleasure to work with organized professionals that get the job done. Prior to working with Crimson Agility this project was an uphill struggle, today I feel a great sense of accomplishment, thanks to the team at Crimson Agility. We couldn’t do what I need to achieve here at Premier Table Linens without you guys.

Ryan Cunningham
Ryan CunninghamVice President, Premier Table Linens

I know the team put extensive effort in 2018 to make all the success a reality for Performance Health. Your efforts positioned us for growth and success and I personally cannot thank you enough.

Kevin Tesch
Kevin TeschSenior IT Director Global Applications, Performance Health