Magento is the #1 e-commerce platform when it comes to reliability, flexibility, and growth, and we have assisted many of our clients in migrating from e-commerce platforms that they have outgrown to Magento’s E-Commerce Solutions.

When more features and functionality, improved performance, and process automation are required to grow your business and provide your customers what they demand, Crimson Agility can help.

Crimson Agility can offer the following for your e-commerce website in partnership with Magento:

  • Flexibility to create rich consumer experiences
  • Performance and scalability to support your growth
  • Built-In Responsive Web Design & Mobile-Friendly Themes
  • Back-End Automation & Workflows
  • Robust integrations with your other systems

We have experience with migrations from many common e-commerce platforms including BigCommerce, Volusion, Shopify, OpenCart, osCommerce, PrestaShop, Amazon Market, ZenCart, Yahoo Store and WooCommerce. If you’re interested in migrating your e-commerce website and online presence to the Magento platform, fill out your information to schedule a meeting with one of our Certified Magento Professionals who will provide a complimentary consultation and estimate.


Certified Magento Development
Crimson Agility approaches all development with the following objectives:

  • Ensure Magento remains high performing and reliable
  • Ensure Magento remains easily upgradeable
  • Ensure Magento remains extensible and that custom development does not limit or obstruct future development.

Each module will be configured or built using Magento’s generally accepted best practices – the “Magento way”. In the event the developed item is additive to an existing piece of functionality which is currently not upgrade safe, or written in such a way that it does not follow Magento’s best practices and could cause issues (short term or long term), Crimson Agility will review the impacted area with our client and discuss what if any remediation steps should be taken.


Project Management

The Project Manager and a appointed person at CLIENT will provide project management throughout the course of the project. The three guiding principals that govern project management are:

  • Control – always being in control, understanding where we are in relation to budget, schedule and scope and how they all relate to each other.
  • Transparency – we’re in this together and there is nothing that goes on behind closed doors or in a box. We are working together as collaborators.
  • Communication – open and honest communication throughout the project, communication is both formal and informal. An agreed upon rhythm of communications will be established and Project Status Reports will be provided routinely.

Project Status Reports

Crimson Agility provides Project Status Reports to our clients weekly or bi-weekly depending on the level of activity. The Project Status Report is relevant, timely, and insightful. The following details are addressed in each Project Status Report:

  • Executive Summary
  • Update on Budget, Schedule and Scope
  • Budget consumed to-date and for the period covered
  • Accomplishments for the period covered
  • Plans for the next period
  • Risks Identified and Mitigation Plans
  • Open Issues
  • Invoice Summary

The Project Status Report is sent to the project sponsor and project leader for review and sign-off. Any disputes or concerns are always addressed as soon as identified.

Design Documentation

During the project, when we identify elements of significant complexity it may be determined that a more formal design document may be required. This documentation will be prepared through collaboration with our client on requirements and agreed upon at completion.

Some examples of elements requiring design documentation are complex workflows, business rules, and integrations with external systems. Our blueprint for building these elements is based on the design document that is derived from discussions, decisions, and the refinement of the design. A good design document will include, but is not limited to the following:

  • The fields being captured in the module or interpreted for decision support logic
  • Data mapping and transformation rules from one system to another if required in the case of integration or data migration
  • Key use cases and the planned procedure for each use case if logic is being introduced which deviates from out of the box Magento functionality
  • Key metrics and dimensions expected for reports that are to be built based on data or fields being added
  • Business logic for workflows including the trigger conditions, actions, and alerts
  • Executed user interface behaviors for any custom feature or functionality

The design documents will be reviewed with users or internal stakeholders to create a written design of the final solution for their sign-off.


Crimson Agility developers are all US-based. We speak English, Spanish, and Portuguese and respond quickly to all inquiries. Our developers and Magento professionals are certified and participate in ongoing training on best practices and the latest Magento innovations.

Certified Magento Developers

Project Manager

Part-time or full-time, overall leader of the project who is responsible for managing the budget, schedule, scope and quality of the project.

Solution Architect

The functional and technical leader on the project, responsible for leading CLIENT and project team members through key decisions as well as developing the path and approach to follow.

Magento Developers

Various team members will be called upon to participate in ways that leverage their strengths and core competencies, such as an integration engineer.

While various resources will be involved over the course of the project, the Project Manager and Solutions Architect will remain consistent and will not change – continuity of care of our clients is of paramount importance.


Project Management & Oversight

Design and Planning

Servers and General Administration

Theme and Site Design

Magento Configuration

Requested Functionality

Third Party Extensions

Product Catalog & Product Data

Customer/Order Data Preparation & Load

Validate & Deploy