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David Baier

Managing Partner

I am originally from New Jersey and migrated west to attend the University of Texas at Austin where I met my wife of 28 years. Since then, I have worked for Lotus Development, Microchip Technology, and Levementum…

Ian Coast

Director of Engineering / Co-Founder

I first began website development in 1996 to help organize a gaming group. I graduated from ASU in 2009 with a Bachelor’s in Aerospace Engineering and 2 years of computer science. I’ve been working with Magento since…

Adam Fabian

Managed Services – Manager / Co-Founder

Being a Magento developer is like constantly attempting to put together a puzzle in new ways to make a different picture each time. Its always challenging but the end result is a site that means something different to each of our clients.

Stephanie McLeod

Assoc. Director of Sales

Stephanie is a high-performing sales professional with a solid track record of selling software solutions and a background in e-commerce where she’s won awards and grants as an entrepreneur.