Crimson Agility is a full-service Magento services firm with an in-depth knowledge of the Magento platform and e-Commerce. We offer the following services to help our clients achieve positive outcomes and to ensure their e-commerce channels continue to grow. 


Responsive Web Design
Responsive Web Design & E-Commerce Re-Platforming

As more people shop from their phone or mobile devices, responsive design allows you to provide excellent interaction with customers regardless of the device they use. When more features and functionality, improved performance, and process automation are required to grow your business and provide your customers what they need, we can help you migrate your site to the Magento platform.

Magento Integration, Site Health & Process Automation
Magento Integration, Site Health & Process Automation

Our integrations specialists have years of experience handling very complex, mission critical integrations between Magento and the other systems critical to your business. They can help identify the cause of the problems ailing your Magento site and provide a plan to eliminate them systematically, and redefine your proceses so that your online business can exceed your businesses goals and expectations.

Magento Managed Services & Custom Support
Magento Managed Services & Custom Support

Advanced support solutions are available to get you where you should be. Whether your site has a slow loading homepage, an integration that no longer functions, or a style that just isn’t working anymore, let us do the heavy lifting and get it straightened out for you. We offer managed services plans designed to provide rapid, high quality work to support you in sustaining and growing your business with Magento.


We have professional certified Magento Engineers available to assist you with upgrades, extensions, migrations, integration and routine changes and values keeping commitments, quality workmanship, and providing results.


Whatever your Magento needs are, we are here to help. If you're looking to upgrade to the latest Magento version, or a custom Magento theme for your website, we want to drive you to success by helping you leverage the power of Magento and connecting to your customers.