Maximize Your Magento Site's Health & Performance

The health and performance of your Magento site are critical to growing your online presence and business. Crimson Agility can help with the following issues that might be hindering your site performance:

  • Slow Page Loads Times
  • Unstable or unreliable Magento instance
  • Security Concerns
  • Problems Implementing New Features
  • Failed Attempts to Upgrade
  • Poor Performance

All these things negatively impact your SEO, your sales, and unfortunately 
the trust and loyalty of your customers. Let us help restore Magento to the high-performance, scalable, and reliable platform that it is.

Our Magento Health & Performance Assessment will identify the cause of the problems ailing your Magento instance and provide a plan to eliminate them systematically. As part of our Magento Health & Performance Assessment, you can expect the following:

  • No disruption to the current site during the assessment
  • A thorough Magento Security Audit
  • A complete Magento Code Audit (including customizations)
  • A detailed Speed & Performance Analysis of critical and problematic site pages
  • An SEO Review against Best Practices
  • A review of Infrastructure Requirements
  • An Impact Analysis of Current Extensions
  • An Upgrade Assessment & Estimate

Our Health & Performance Assessment concludes with a professionally 
prepared and delivered *Executive Summary* and a plan that outlines the steps back to health. We prioritize each item identified as either critical, recommended or optional and work with you and your team to systematically address them while continuously monitoring and measuring the improvements in performance.

Crimson Agility has restored many of our client's Magento instances back to health, resulting in stable, high-performing, and scalable platforms by which they can grow their business.

For more information about our Magento Health & Performance Assessment, please call us at (480) 725-9185 or provide your information and one of our Magento Certified Professionals will contact you immediately.

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