Crimson Agility offers several assessments for the Adobe Commerce (Magento) platform. These Magento assessments aim to provide a comprehensive code audit identifying underlying issues that may impede or negatively impact your business’s growth and sustainability.


The health and performance of your site are critical to growing your online presence and business. All these things negatively impact your SEO, your sales, and unfortunately the trust and loyalty of your customers. Let us help restore Magento to the high-performance, scalable, and reliable platform that it is. Crimson Agility can help with the following issues that might be hindering your site performance:


  • Security concerns?
  • Missing security updates?
  • Hacked or malicious code found?
  • Customer reports of credit card fraud?
  • Sudden issues with checkout?
  • Disgruntled ex-employee?
  • Frequent carding or DDOS attacks?
  • Need a security breach investigated?
  • Is reCAPTCHA and 2FA enabled?


  • Slow Page Loads Times?
  • Unstable or unreliable instance?
  • Problems implementing new features?
  • Failed attempts to upgrade?
  • Poor results on performance audits?
  • Concerned about infrastructure?
  • JavaScript errors?
  • Server requirements out-of-date?
  • Using ElasticSearch?


  • Little to no progress on SEO?
  • Site not optimized for SEO?
  • Worried e-mail’s are going to SPAM?
  • Google Page Experience Update?
  • No structured data?
  • Google is not indexing my site?
  • Toxic backlinks impacting SEO?
  • Broken links?
  • Duplicate content issues?


Crimson Agility’s Magento Assessments provide a multi-faceted approach to improve the security and performance of your Magento installation.

Health & Security Assessment

  • Review compliance with Security Best Practices
  • Review access protocols, users, and permissions
  • Verify SSL/TLS Deployment
  • Review Server Environment (Full-Stack)
  • Review Server File Permissions
  • Review Server Access Protocols
  • Review Log Files and Errors
  • Review Deployment and Admin Processes
  • Identify vulnerabilities, compromised files, and poorly implemented customizations
  • Verify all Security Updates
  • Review Third-Party Extensions

Performance Assessment

  • No disruption to the current site during the assessment
  • Full Code Audit (including customizations)
  • Review of infrastructure requirements & specifications
  • Review site traffic & activity
  • Review server environment (Full-Stack)
  • Evaluate site performance & Analysis of Results
  • A detailed speed & performance analysis of critical and problematic site pages
  • Impact analysis of current extensions & customizations
  • Recommended remediation steps

Technical SEO

  • Review Magento SEO configuration
  • Review Google Analytics configuration & conversation tracking
  • Review Google Search Console & crawl analysis
  • Review Page, Site Structure, & Content
  • Define Indexation & Duplicate Content Issues
  • Identify Broken Link, Redirects, & Magento Rewrites
  • Backlink Analysis
  • XML Sitemap Verification and Robots.txt Review
  • Page Performance & Core Web Vitals
  • Review of Product Setup (issues with configurable, simples,, etc.)

ADA (Accessibility) Assessment

  • ​Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.1)
  • Evaluate for “AA” rating against standards
  • Evaluate font color contrasts and readability of text
  • Testing your website with a screen reader to make sure content is coherent when read aloud
  • Navigating your website with only a keyboard to ensure all content is accessible and that a skip navigation link exists
  • Verifying that links and form fields are highlighted when using keyboard commands

Our Adobe Commerce (Magento) Assessments will identify the cause of the problems ailing your Magento instance and provide a plan to eliminate them systematically. As part of our Magento Assessment, you can expect the following:

  • No disruption to the current site during the assessment
  • A thorough Magento Security Audit
  • A complete Magento Code Audit (including customizations)
  • A detailed Speed & Performance Analysis of critical and problematic site pages
  • An SEO Review against Best Practices
  • A review of Infrastructure Requirements
  • An Impact Analysis of Current Extensions
  • An Upgrade Assessment & Estimate