Are you running the latest version of Magento?

Did you know that the latest versions of Magento provide up to 44% better response times over prior versions? What version are you running?

Crimson Agility will provide a free “Upgrade Assessment and Estimate” to help you improve stability, reliability and performance of your Magento site and put your concerns to rest.

If you’re currently running an older Magento version, you should definitely upgrade as soon as possible, as there are security issues, performance improvements, and a wealth of usability options that you’re missing out on. Some of these upgrades will simply make your life a lot easier, but others are absolutely mission-critical.

If you haven't upgraded your Magento site recently, there are many benefits and advantages to upgrading today. The Crimson Agility Upgrade Assessment includes the following:

- Ensure all Security Updates have been applied and that your site hasn't been compromised in any way.
- Highlight customizations to core code that could potentially be lost during an upgrade to make sure you don't lose important custom functionality.
- Identify poorly implemented customizations or extensions that are impacting site performance and stability.
- Special attention on any key concerns or improvement areas you point out to us.
- A well-documented plan and confident estimate for an upgrade to the latest version of Magento that covers all the bases.

There is no reason to fear or put off the upgrade any longer; Crimson Agility has a 100% success rate upgrading Magento and given our proven methodology and state-of-the-art development environments we eliminate the risk of upgrading.

Take advantage of the latest features of Magento and upgrade today.

If you're interested in upgrading to the latest version of Magento, fill out your information to schedule a meeting with one of our Certified Magento Professionals who will coordinate a free Upgrade Assessment and estimate.